One Day

I don’t remember when or where it happened – that I imagined a groundhog trying to get to Noah’s Ark, but I know it’s probably been a good thirteen or fourteen years.  Then, there were the days sitting in front of my wife’s little laptop in Almaty, pounding out a story that just wouldn’t end.  Then, the screenwriting course and the “buying” of my story idea.  Then my complete retooling of the story in 2007.  Then finding out there were several “Ark from the animal’s POV” stories being developed out there.  Then my putting it aside to learn how to teach.  Now, as I’m looking at my last few months in Kazakhstan, I find that I have to do my best to get the darn story written, even if nobody ever reads it but me.  It would be a great bookend to my time in KZ, and my hope is that Nanowrimo helps me get there.

This blog is simply my way to document this last attempt.  I hope that I won’t be looking at a failed attempt, but it’s possible.  The point is, I’m going to give it a go, and see what ends up on the screen.  Maybe a book I can be proud of?  Hopefully, a finisthed story, anyway – even if it stinks.

So, today I want to finish revising my old outline.  There are a few obvious holes in the idea I came up with in ’07, and I’d like to try and fix those so that I can be off and running tomorrow.  Of course, I’m going to be attempting this while doing a lot of other things, so if I don’t reach the golden 50,000 number by the end of November, I won’t stop working on it.

Here we go!  Good luck, Thimblerig!  I hope you make it to the ark this time.


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